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What is Maritime Transportation?

When you make a search on cargo approach and principles of logistics management, you will see that the transportation systems are provided through different options.
The options which you are free to prefer will consist of maritime, airline and highway when you want any product you have produced or you are intended to send or any document or good or chemical substance or any material to any country.
One of the most popular options preferred in today’s world is maritime transportation. What is Maritime Transportation? It refers to the realization of the transfer process and delivery of the products to the intended destination within the intended time period between the ports on sea lines.
It is completely about professionalism.  The services should be provided by the professionals in the procedures to be realized, international procedures and similar processes within the given time period.  Brining different load options to the table is possible with the sending of different systems from a particular point to another point.
As it is known, approximately 4600 ports take place throughout the world. 100 out of 4600 of such ports are of global importance.  The term of maritime transportation refers to the procurement of the regular transportation services and logistics services between such ports.  
What are the Load Types in Maritime Transportation?
As it is followed in the highway transportation or airline transportation, some packages, systems and applications will be seen to be valid in maritime transportation as well.  What are the load types in maritime transportation?  This question can be answered in the general titles such as:
• Export and import transportations with FCL and LCL containers.
• Any Turkey connected transit transportation.
• Special container transportation such as Opentop or flatrack, reefer or ISO tank.
• Domestic distribution services.
• Bulk cargo and general cargo transportation.
• From door to door logistics transportation.
• Industrial material transportation.
You can find any kind of product you can think about within the phrase of load types given under the general titles.
Raw materials, concrete, iron and steel are included in the phrase of industrial material transportation. 
Any kind of project transportation, clearance services can be found within the from door to door transportation services.
Any soil, concrete and similar materials you can think about can be found within the bulk cargo and general cargo transportation understanding.
Any kind of transportation including the personnel and animals which are considered to be transport through maritime transportation can be brought to the agenda within the general cargo understanding.
Precious gems, steels, irons, tools, construction machines and similar instruments can be considered within the general transportation service understanding.
The Future of the Maritime Transportation
Logistics sector or transportation sector has increased its popularity within a short period of time from past to present and different options are presented to the needers. The understanding of needers might welcome us sometimes by referring to persons or small scaled business facilities or large scaled companies.
Any business facility or persons demands to deliver their product or good or package to the receiver party in the fastest and the most economical and reliable way. 
One of the options taken into consideration in this sense, what is maritime transportation? Maritime transportation system can be mentioned  which is the reply of this question.
When a search is carried out on the future of this system, increasing trade volume, international relations, import and export balances are coming to the forefront.
Especially when you take steps with the understanding of global world, each country sends the product which they have manufactured or produced and tries to expand their trade volume in line with their equities, raw materials or labor force and potential.
When an assessment is carried out within the scope of the oversea countries in this sense, approximately 4.600 different ports are seen to provide service throughout the world.
The countries try to expand their trade volume through maritime in each day and an increase in the number of ports is observed.
The future of the Maritime transportation increased swiftly because of the fast growing sector and an intense interest has been directed to this sector in line with the needs and expectations, or in other words, within the scope of supply and demand balance.
Understanding of oversea countries in each field varying from petroleum transportation to good transportation, from product and service transportation to iron, steel and similar product transportation, from human transportation to animal transportation, from document transportation to valuable good transportation or mining transportation has expanded swiftly and a visible increase in the economic growth of the sector has experienced.