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The Advantages of the Maritime Transportation

Production, supply, storage and delivery of any product and any material to any country, any person or any business facility are possible in today’s technological conditions. The system called as logistics has been expanding in the country basis or in the international system and all products are transmitted to different countries, persons, institutions in a fast and reliable way. During the completion or implementation of the system, a part of the preferred transportation systems constitutes the maritime transportation. Transmit of the products within the oversea countries in the most classical way to express might be defined as the delivery to the receivers. If such transportation system is preferred, what will be the advantages of Maritime Cargo transportation?
It is observed that the package program system is followed up.
Economical solution methods have been developed.
There are approximately 4.600 ports in the world which have a trade volume and any product can be shipped to any port, any country.
There is no difference for the products to be shipped.
Any document, any file, any precious good, any unvaluable good or any natural product can be shipped in a fast and reliable way.
It has been seen that maximum advantage has been ensured and the understanding of product shipment to the large sections has been created in the export and import balances in terms of oversea countries in international contacts of the business facilities.
It draws attention that it is preferred because of the development of reliable and insured transportation.
Understanding of constant operation is seen to be developed and storage services are observed to be provided by the business facilities providing the necessary support within the scope of the international relations and trade volumes.

What is Maritime Transportation?
Before forwarding to the meaning of Cargo transportation which has turned out to be the increasing graphic of the logistics sector in the last period, what is logistics in the classical meaning? What is cargo? What is transportation? We should answer such questions first. And then the answer of the question of “What is maritime transportation?” will be clearer.
Logistics commonly means that any material or any product or the material required is handled in the intended place without causing any damage as in its original status within the intended time period.
The systems used in the realization of this service welcome us as cargo system or cargo companies or business facilities. In fact it is possible to say that both of them have the same meaning. If the maritime transportation is preferred in this system, the expression type which will welcome us will be the maritime transportation. There is no difference between which product is transported or which product is demanded to be transported.

The Future of the Maritime Transportation
Maritime transportation points out to the transportation system to the oversea countries, coastal tows or countries and to the country which is close to any point. Necessary information share is realized on the advantages of the maritime transportation above. Well, then how is the future of the maritime transportation? Shipment of the products to 4.600 different ports and coastal towns throughout the world in a fast, reliable, protected and insured way is of great significance. 
Opening for any country easily, expanding its market share, marketing its products in the international market of a business facility are evaluated in the company basis, the future of this company will clearly be detectable. Highway transportation might be used in introducing the products to the market, expanding the market share, increasing the competitiveness capacity. However, when limited, it is seen that the longer period is brought to the table and transportation costs increase.
Instead a fast increase in the number of companies preferring the maritime transportation directly is seen. Furthermore as mentioned in the introduction chapter of the text, the fact that there are approximately 4600 different ports and the trade volume of the different countries are expanded cause the interest towards the market to increase.
The understanding of reliable, economical, quality, insured service is supported by the characteristics of international relations and if required in compliance with the product characteristics, storage service is provided.
The future of the transportation service carried out has great opportunities in financial scope. Growth of the market, expansion of the production volume day by day, transfer of the various products between the countries and between the business facilities, and even realization of the domestic transfer through maritime transportation bring the importance of the sector into the forefront further. Each person, each business facility, each institution has started to prefer a transportation system, a cargo system to take a step to international market, increase profit margin of the company which markets its products and increase their endorsement.