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Customs Services

We suggest supply solutions which are advantageous in terms of time and expenditure by analyzing the demands of our customers in the best way during the clearance with our expert team and technological infrastructure.
Import Clearance:
• Import Clearance Procedure
• Taking the Global TSI Lists
•  GTIP Specification
• Labor and Worker Health Certificate
• Tracking Investment Incentive Certificate
• Track and Supply Petroleum Works Certificate
• Track of Internal Processing Certificate
• Process of Return to the Origin Country
• Provisional Entrance Procedures
Export Clearance:
• Export Clearance Procedure
• Track of Registration Copy
• Registration of Export Union
• Track of Internal Operation Permission Certificate
• Track of Consignee Exports by Exporter Unions
We provide integrated supply solution which includes the implementation and method of the transportation systematically to be realized between the spots you have determined in accordance with your expectations and needs. 
Import Logistics:
Purchasing process commences with the order and ends with the delivery of the raw materials, materials and products to the consumption point.
• Track of Order Supply
• Loading Organization
• Track of Transportation Insurances
• Track of Fictive Shift Payments
• Track of Guarantee Letters
• Determination of the Storage Conditions
• Bank Transactions
• Actual Import Procedures
• Distribution Organization
• Reporting
Export Logistics:
The process commences with the detail information regarding the shipment and ends with the delivery of the shipment to the destination.
• Preparation and Approval of the Export Document
• Insurance Activities
• Export Declaration Control
• Opening for Letters of Credit and Guarantee Letter, Track of Confirmation and Amendment
• Preparation of the related documents and submission to the bank and Track them
• Monthly Report of the Export Operations
When GTIP determination is necessary (Customs Tariff Statistical Position), taking the permission and compliance certificates necessary for the import and export.
Consultancy services for legislations related to Foreign Trade, Foreign Exchange Law, Law on Protection of Turkish Lira, Value Added Tax Law, Law on Collection of Public Receivables and Customs Regulation.
Servex Customs Brokerage provides support and service in project designation and implementation during the investment processes you will make in Free Zones.