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Air Transportation

With its IATA license, memberships and comprehensive agency network which covers the whole world and special agreements signed with significant airline companies, Servex works to provide the best quality service at the most reasonable cost to its customers in 177 countries and approximately 600 locations.
Operational Perfection in Airline Transportation
Servex gives priority to operational perfection to provide the service required by the airline transportation.  It provides different solutions by which it will deliver products to the world’s airports with its comprehensive agency network and settled locations.  In addition to different service options such as from door to airport, from airport to door or from door to door, Servex also provides the transit loading service and cross transportation services which will be carried out between two countries. It also provides services such as integrated storage, handling, distribution, clearance, patenting and insurance in line with the needs of the customers.
Product Types
With its airline transportation solutions, Servex provides transportation services varying from general cargo to spoilable cargo, from dangerous material to textile products with hanger, from heavy tonnage products to out of gauge products within the scope of project transportation and from alive animal, factorial transportation to bulky private transportation in a fast and secure way directly or with charter services.

Service Types
Aiming to expand its consolidation service network further in airline transportation solutions, Servex provides Express services with its different airline alternatives in addition to its Standard services in accordance with the needs of the customers.
Different and Low Cost Alternatives in Your Flight Plans
Servex not only provides different transportations models such as highway-airline, maritime-airline, it also provides cost advantages by producing different alternatives in the flight plans on behalf of its customers thanks to its settled consolidation centers in USA and Far East, especially in Middle East and Europe and comprehensive agency network so that its customers can deliver their products to their own customers in the best circumstances within the market competition conditions.
Comprehensive Agency Network and Settled Locations
Providing direct, transit and cross transportation services among the all airlines of the world, Servex provides reasonable price alternatives with Far East and England consoles in import and with Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Germany and USA consoles in export. Servex has expanded its service quality in high standards with Network memberships and strengthen its presence in Middle East, Europe, USA, Asia and Africa with its Network memberships.